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Doosan has launched an upgraded telematics package for the company’s full line of heavy equipment. Standard on all new ‘dash-5’ excavators and wheeled loaders, Doosan CoreTMS Telematics is a response to customer’s demand for machine-to-machine communication and remote equipment monitoring. Customers buying new Doosan ‘dash-5’ machines will be given a free 3 year subscription to…


Recommended process for buying oil

When buying oil in bulk, buyers have a right to set specific requirements for the batch including cleanliness. Oil test certificates Reputable suppliers will provide the results of an oil test conducted on a sample taken from the batch Samples should be marked with the trademark, the batch number and the size of the consignment.…


HH recommended system sampling frequency chart

We are often asked “at what frequency should I sample oil?” As a broad guide the table above can be used. If problems are suspected or if a machine is ‘mission critical’ then more frequent sampling is a sensible precaution! In all sampling situations it is vital that the machine is in operation or has…


Oil change tips and fixes

With any oil change, the aim should be to remove as much of the old fluid as possible. There are some simple steps that can be taken to maximize the amount of oil coming out of the system.


Health tip #1

Always follow the manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendation regarding engine oil and hydraulic oil viscosity, specification, cleanliness level and change intervals!


Health tip #2

Never mix brands or grades of engine or hydraulic oil. In particular mineral oils and biodegradable oils should never be mixed!


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