Doosan has launched an upgraded telematics package for the company’s full line of heavy equipment. Standard on all new ‘dash-5’ excavators and wheeled loaders, Doosan CoreTMS Telematics is a response to customer’s demand for machine-to-machine communication and remote equipment monitoring.

Customers buying new Doosan ‘dash-5’ machines will be given a free 3 year subscription to the service. The service allows owners and dealers to remotely monitor and communicate with Doosan machines via the telematics website, CoreTMS. Once the 3 year complimentary period expires, customers have the option to purchase a service extension.

Doosan Telematics features include a GPS unit to monitor the machine’s location and allow a ‘geo-fence to be established to increase machine security, a Q-Pro wireless data modem with wireless service to send collected data from the machine to the telematics site, a satellite antenna and service for when the machine is working in remote locations where cell service is unavailable. The system uses a ‘dual-mode’ set-up of satellite and GSM to improve communications.

Doosan say the telematics system benefits customers through the use of operational data that helps improve efficiency, such as altering machine idle times based on fuel usage, machine security and safety. The system also allows access to the machine’s maintenance history, and aids in scheduling routine services. The system also eliminates the need to physically check fuel levels on the machine, as the information can be viewed remotely.

The telematics system will allow fleet managers to compile a number of reports, including:

Fleet status
Machine details
Machine location
Operating hours
Fuel usage
Engine idle time vs. work time
Machine error codes
Engine and hydraulic oil temperatures
Maintenance history
Utilization reports
Future software updates will be sent over the air to the terminal from the machine, eliminating the need to visit the dealership for updates.

The use of sophisticated telematics systems like CoreTMS is proven to increase safety and security and reduce operating costs.